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~ Welcome to Evanescence an unofficial fan site ~

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  Well everyone its finally here, the long anticipated wait for Evanescence's first ever major debut album entitled "Fallen" is finally over. The album which consists of 11 including their hit single Bring Me To Life. If you haven't picked up your copy then you better do so right now. This album is pack with emotions and is defiantly one of the better albums released so far this year.




I am currently looking for other Evanescence's fans who are willing to help with creating and maintaining of this site. I need people  who want to gather information on the band and collect stuff such as pictures, wallpapers, screen saver etc.. I also need to get some people to help moderate the Message Board, which is still under construction. If you are interested in anything of the things I listed  contact me at . Any Information given is helpful.



    Evanescence will be performing on the Jay Leno Show March 6th. So be prepared to tune in and watch them tear it up.