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~ Interviews ~

    Interviews with Evanescence from many different sources. Check them out they are worth reading.


 ~ Reviews ~

  Reviews that Evanescence's albums have received. Read what the critcs have to say about the band.

~ Wallpaper ~

    Obsessed with the band and its members? Why not add a Evanescence Wallpaper to your desktop. They're really kick ass!


~ AIM Icons ~

   Add a little touch of Evanescence to your AIM. Advertise the band with one of these awesome buddy icons!

~ Screen Savers ~

    Cant stand some of those annoying screen savers that comes with your computer? Check out these Screen savers! They've been evanesecfied.


 ~ Guest Book ~

  Leave your mark on our evanescence guest book. Praise the band, you never know who might stop in to take a peek.

~ Forum ~

   Visit the message board and talk with other fans, and viewers of our Evanescence and our site.

 ~ Contests ~

  Check out the latests contests and give-aways that Evanescence is having! Win amazing prizes!